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The Circular project

The Circular project aims at developing reliable circular indutrial systems able to transform post-used products into new added-value products. The consortium will build the right conditions, as well as the new digital technologies required for creating large-scale circular production systems. Circular will contribute to the development of methods and technologies for the Industry of the Future paradigm and to their implementations.


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The Circular project

Industrial systems will have to face the main Industry of the Future challenges: resource scarcity, energy efficiency, customization expectations, job quality required by the fourth industrial revolution, etc.

This project will show that agile circular industrial systems will give companies the ability to satisfy those requirements while proposing new high-added-value products while minimizing the use of material and energy resources.

We want to move towards a circular economic “take-make-consume-reuse” model instead of a classical linear “take-make-consume-dispose” model. The main scientific obstacles are production systems agility, human/machine collaboration, implementation of the numerical solutions and design and implementation of the new necessary organizations.

Our thesis

3 thesis in progress:

  • Optimizing the use of batteries to increase the duration of their first and second life and rationalize energy consumption
  • Industry 4.0 technologies for circular production systems
  • Management of industrial relocation