Demo cases

In this project, we will develop demo cases to make proof of concepts and transfer. For this:

1. A platform is transversely used and fed by the research projects and serves as a showcase of CIRCULAR. The platform takes the form of algorithms, software, devices, methods and demonstrators. This platform aims also at facilitating the access of the industrial sectors to the methods and the tools, and more widely to the labs know-how on implementing circular-oriented industrial solutions.
It is supported by existing devices in the different labs, technical platforms or companies: Baxter robot (LIG), fab MSTIC (LIG), Tests devices (CEA), numerical devices for workers (companies), Visonnair devices (G-SCOP), collaborative cells (S.MART platform) …

2. A portfolio with methods, tools and knowledge coming from the research results for the industrial and academic innovation and R&D stakeholders will be realised and supported by INNOVACS and S.MART

3. The development of the battery case and its implementation in the industry will be done in the value cluster composed of CEA TECH (design), CEGASA (manufacturing), SNAM (recycling) and LANCEY (user).

Demo Cases