A quick look at the Circular kickoff meeting

on the April 5, 2018

About fifty researchers attended the first general assembly of the Circular project at Grenoble INP the 5th of April, 2018.
  • Firstly, the environmental and societal stakes and research issues of Circular Economy were presented by Prof. Peggy Zwolinski, the Circular project leader. Circular Economy is of high significance in order to tackle and solve crucial issues caused by the linear consumption model (extract-produce-consume-dispose) as scarce resources or material waste. It is also a great part of the Industry of the Future paradigm because it allows developing new business models as product-service system or mass-personalization production. Then, the main objectives of the project, the resources and organization were explained.

  • Secondly, the different topics of the Circular projects and the related PhD subjects were explained by the work package leaders (A. Landry, V. Rocchi, O. Aycard, PX Thivel). All the researchers were then able to start discussions about the different research vision and thus enhance the project multidisciplinary approach.

  • During the third part of the meeting, researchers have been informed about the different IDEX procedures, the expected outcomes and the main steps all along the project duration.

  • In a final part, the different scientific events (workshop, conferences, etc.) proposed within the project were highlighted by Peggy Zwolinski. As a conclusion, she focused on the fact that it's very important for everybody to steadily contribute to the project outreach at the national and international level.

The CIRCULAR is now launched to tackle all the challenges related to the circular industrial systems.

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Published on May 9, 2018

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Grenoble INP – Génie industriel,
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